Steve Wozniak's Journey to Creating Apple Computers Essay

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Steve Wozniak was the kind of person who liked to tell jokes and pull pranks at the schools he attended. During high school, he decided he wanted to become an engineer. He graduated with honors from Homestead High School, California in 1968. He tried to convince his family to send him to Colorado University for the engineering program, but his family encouraged him to go to a nearby community college in California instead. After going to the community college to register for classes, he found out that the calculus, physics, and chemistry classes he wanted to attend were all full. So Steve went back to his parents to tell them the news, and they agreed to send him to Colorado University for his first year of college. He was not a…show more content…
In 1971, he and his friend Bill Hernandez designed a pretty good computer and his mother was impressed. She contacted a local newspaper company to do a report on it. They were very excited to explain the operation and specs to the reporter, but that is not how it happened. When the reporter came to see the computer, they started the computer up and the blinking lights came on. After that, someone stepped on the power cord, which caused the computer to start smoking, and then stopped working. He left quickly and only wrote a small article on it. Steve Wozniak decided it was time to choose a school based on its engineering program. He chose to go to the University of California at Berkeley, because it was one of the best. This is where he met the most important friend, Steve Jobs. He was five years younger than Wozniak and still attending Homestead high school. But they had many things in common, including the same first name, the love of pranks, and computers. Before starting his fourth year of college, Steve Wozniak decided he needed to get a job again. He looked through the newspaper and found a position as an electronics technician at Electroglass. His duty was to test electronics equipment all day long. He loved the job, but found a better one through his old pal Allen Baum. Allen was working at Hewlett-Packard, an electronics company in Palo Alto., CA. In 1973 Allen introduced Steve to a few of the engineers there. H-P offered Wozniak a job

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