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Julius Ponce De Leon
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Steven Spielberg:Best Director Know Steven Spielberg is the best director in our time because he has made so many movies like well known classics E.T and more.Worked his way to the top of his career by doing the best he can all by himself.And became very successful in his career making more money in a day than most people,and directors make in a year.He worked his way from the bottom,being very young for the age of a director and working his way up to the top like how he is now as the highest grossing director of our time right now.Unlike other directors he was very focused on his work everything he’s seen was pictured by his imagination.Most directors had help from others trying to get a career
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He then went on to direct many,many,and many more great films that lots of people are familiar with.Most of them are classics that people watched when they were younger and loved them so much.Little to none of the wide variety of Directors had classics such as Spielberg’s movies,he was a pg kind of rated Director which made his movies more know to families,and he got gossiped about many times sharing the story of how his movies are so great.One of his great movies is called “Jaws”.It was a movie that changed the horror industry.Changing the way people thought about going to the beach.It made people really scared to go anywhere near open water,and this movie was seen around the world.It put Steven in a great spot to take over just about anything he wanted.Many Directors wanted Stevens opinion on their movies because they thought that he had such a great vision for his films he can help them with theirs.Later on Steven made his “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” film and that film gave him his first ever academy award nomination for Best Director.He then went on to make more great movies for the new generation which made him even more known which is great for him,because he got to make more movies and get more money for doing what he loved.(Film School…show more content…
He made lots of movies so many people love.He has so many classics that people would want to see over,and over again.These are the reasons he is the best director of our time because of how Original he is,how Creative he is,and how Thoughtful he is with all of his movies being family friendly.He started at a young age,probably had a few problems,but nothing too serious for him to give up on his career.He was independent,and there was nothing that could stop him from being himself while making such great movies especially at a young age.All it took was his young imagination to start a movie that many people would love.From then on he would be one of the most well known directors of our time,better than any other director.(Steven Spielberg:A
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