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Steven Spielberg Biography

Steven Spielberg: Revolutionary and Visionary

Who would have thought that a brilliant career in filmmaking could have originated with a modest jar of Skippy Peanut Butter smeared on a neighbor’s window in a tiny Cincinnati suburb? One might not think that such an average boyhood prank could evolve a boy into a man who would become the most financially successful film director in history. Well, that is exactly where Leah Spielberg, Steven Spielberg’s mother, would trace her son’s initial entry into becoming one of our nation’s most creative storytellers. “His badness was so original,” she recalls (Stein 3).

Steven Spielberg, the only child of Leah and Arnold Spielberg, was born on December 18,
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The grin of a clown, a deadly tree outside a window, and being afraid at night, all out of 1982’s Poltergeist, were all born out of Steven’s real childhood phobias (5). Influence for films such as 1993’s Academy Award winning drama/documentary Schindler’s List could be attributed Steven growing up in a Jewish family. Steven has recalled that during his days in school he felt discriminated from others for being apart of the only Jewish family within the whole community (Graham 530). During the Christmas season, he would be embarrassed that his family’s house would be the only one without lights or decorations. When his father offered to place a menorah in the window, Steven responded, “No!…People will think we’re Jewish” (Graham 528).

Steven has claimed to have learned his numbers as a toddler with the help of a concentration camp survivor who pointed out the numerals tattooed on his arm. However, it was at high school, where he was first exposed to anti-Semitic behavior. He would suffer verbal and sometimes physical abuse from other students. Making movies was definitely an escape for Steven who told the New York Post, “I enjoy the sense of being transported and no longer thinking anyone is in the audience” (529).

“Nearly three years after finishing Escape to Nowhere, he made his first feature-length film Firelight. It was a two-and-a-half-hour
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