Steven V. Is A Young Man That Started Out Suffering From Severe Depression

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Steven V. is a young man that started out suffering from severe depression. He has a long psychiatric history, being hospitalized twice for depression in high school. His case record is nearly two inches thick which noticeably point out to him having some type of depression or psychological disorder. Steven talked about his relationship with his mother as well as his father which seemed to be very unusual. Although he mentioned his father being a busy business man, he was quiet distant from his son but on a few encounter’s he was a bully to him telling him how weak and timid he was. Steven faced constant ridicule and criticism by his father. His mother being a very active lady in civic and social affairs spent very little time with her…show more content…
In the office he had made verbal threats and threaten Linda saying that she does not deserve to live and he swears he is going to kill her. From his statement about his parents and memories about his past relationship most of his anger pointed more and more towards Linda. The next year and a half he suffered from severe depression and attempted suicide twice by drug overdose. For the past six months he had been seeing a therapist at the university’s psychological services center regularly. Upon coming to see another therapist there was previous diagnoses made on Steven by a private therapist a little while back. Mr. and Mrs. V. felt the need that their son need to continue seeing a private therapist but he had stopped the therapy his junior year for unknown reasons. He had been seeing a psychotherapist since he attended kindergarten. He was very quiet, did not speak much and was unresponsive at times to the environment. His kindergarten school psychologist noted his actions and conditions to be autistic like. Mr. and Mrs. V. immediately hired a prominent child psychiatrist to work with him regularly and whom later denied him being autistic in any way but stated he would need intensive treatment for many years. Steven was

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