Stevenson And Mr. Hyde: A Short Story

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Prelude to Fate Stevenson finally drifted off to sleep on the table that he sat by the previous night. James had gone to sleep on the other side of the table, keeping watch in case his sister’s condition improved or worsened. When the sun peaked above the horizon, the air outside was tainted by the acrid stench of ash. Futility slowly stirred and tried to lift herself up off the table, which woke up both Stevenson and James. “Don’t move,” commanded James as he ran to grab a bottle of water, “take a drink.” Futility thankfully took the drink and finished it off in seconds. “What happened?” She asked as she turned from James to Stevenson. “You took a knock to the head before you escaped the mansion.” Explained Stevenson. “The mansion is a total loss so we can here; Sabastian and Jefffery are upstairs.” Futility slowly pulled herself up with a bit of pain, and tried to stand up but had to sit down. “You're still weak from the shock, i’ll go grab you something to eat.” said James before he retired upstairs. “You saved me…” began Futility, “and brought me home.” “Yeah, I guess I did…” Stevenson said before his voice faded. “I, I was scared I was going to lose you,” He stuttered.…show more content…
And you, Sabastian, you were always so free spirited and creative. I wanted to be all these things, I thought that Claudius could help me do just that; but I was wrong. I took part in his schemes not thinking about the outcome, and for this, I ask for your forgiveness. I will fight with you all to defeat Claudius.” With his last words, Herobrine raised his glass in a toast. Everyone else grabbed their drinks in quick succession and stood up from their seats. “With this glass, I declare a new covenant, that I shall fight alongside you until my final breath, and will never
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