Stevenson's Influence On Robert Louis Stevenson

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Many things influenced Robert Louis Stevenson.His full name is Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson.He was born on November 13, 1850 and died on December 3, 1894.Robert grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland.He got enrolled at Edinburgh University.When he was 25 years old,he became a lawyer.He married a woman named Fanny Osbourne.Their honeymoon was in an abandoned silver mine in Napa Valley.He died on an island in Vailima Samoa while working on a book.The natives buried him on the top of a mountain. He received his degree from Edinburgh University.Stevenson published his first volume when he was 28 years old.He was so popular that he became a literary celebrity. He experienced lots of people and their lifestyles that he wrote about in his poems.
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