Stick Shift vs. Automatic

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Stick Shift vs. Automatic Manual vs. Automatic Andrew Telecky ENG121: English Composition I Holly Wilcox March 2012 I. Why are manual transmission cars so popular? II. What makes a manual transmission car more favorable? a) Requires more skill b) Safer c) More Fun I Advantages of a manual transmission vehicle. a) Fuel Efficient b) Better Acceleration c) Driver Personality d) Out lasts the other e) Skilled Drivers IV. Advantages of an…show more content…
Another reason for driving manual transmissions is that it is just more fun! Manual transmissions will make your driving more interesting. Race drivers use the manual transmission to take driving to a higher level for maximum performance. Stick Shift vs. Automatic Manual transmission cars also help save money on gas since the driver is able to control how long it takes for the vehicle shift. The economy is in a rut and saving money is very important for many people, but if you are not struggling then an automatic transmission may be best for you. Another advantage is manual transmission cars tend to last longer since there is less strain on the engine and the driver has total control, but also very easy for a non skilled manual transmission driver to blow up the engine. When it comes down to it, the driver has to decide, does convenience come before fun? Are you driving more in town or out of town? There are so many reasons to choose either one. Personally I would choose automatic because living in the city makes it easier to get where I want, but I would also have a manual sports car for the fun part of me. Your personality will make you decide which transmission is better for you. Cars are made for driving, and driving must be fun and safe. While driving a car with an automatic transmission will be easier and more comfortable, driving a car with a manual transmission will

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