Stigma And Mental Health Essay

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A long time ago people with glasses were considered “handicapped,” this social prejudice led these people to avoid the help they needed. As time proceeded this stigma against people with imperfect vision began to decrease and more people began seeking out the help they needed, to the point where glasses has become a fashion statement. This is not the same for people with mental illnesses, it is still believe that whatever is wrong with them is due to the fact that they’re acting weak and they have full control over the problem at hand. In reality they do not, it really comes down to the chemical makeup of their brain, environmental circumstances, or even the genes pass down to them from their parents. So we as people need to rid ourselves of this stigma so that people dealing with this issue can get the support…show more content…
Now though even if they can ignore this stigma and actual seek out the help they need only more problems will arise. They will have a tough time finding help from someone who takes their health insurance and is in there general area not only that but if they get through and find a reliable source for help because there so much stigma out there towards mental health there no set standard to help those with mental health. This for the most part of lack of training those who are the first interactors of those with mental health issues, their physicians, they receive subjectively around 5 weeks’ worth of training in mental health care, so they would have a difficult time noticing if there patients may have an illness other than a physical one. This all boils down to the funding dedicated to improving mental health care. “Over the past three years, states have cut mental health funding by more than $2 billion”
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