Stigma And Stigma Of Marijuana Essay

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The stigma of marijuana started in the 1930s when it was first prohibited nationwide, but since then, the stigma has changed quite drastically to the point where the sigma could be completely eradicated in the near future. The stigma that was created from the prohibition of marijuana is something that still affects every American today. In a brief history of the stigma, it can be traced back to the 1930s where its prohibition would begin, by the 1960s, no one would do it in their right mind because it was closely related to the anti-war protest/hippie movement, and finally by the mid-1990s, it would become legal in a few states for medical purposes. Since the 1990s, the stigma has really changed to the point where Americans are on the verge to the end of the 80+ year prohibition of the substance. (Hari, Johann) The stigma can really be defined by almost anything from marijuana’s relationship to a certain group, to the propaganda that defined it in the 1950s. Even though these are important factors contributing to the stigma, the most influential factors is its legality and of course, what marijuana means to people during the time period they are living. Marijuana’s stigma was obviously different in the 1960s than it is today for Americas and this trend of constantly changing definitions of the stigma will probably continue even after its legalization. The stigma of marijuana today is based on its legality and the growth of marijuana as a whole in the last decade. The stigma
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