Stigma And Stigma Of Stigma

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Around the U.S. and other countries stigma has been an issue that has caused treatment for mental health to be less effective than it should be. It is a huge issue when people believe that getting help for something that ills them is a sign of weakness or that it is not a real problem. No one ever thought that about a stomach bug or a headache, but when it comes to depression, anxiety or any other psychological issue people view it in a different light. Kids are going excused from school because they had a stomach ache but are not excused if there is a mental problem. Children are being effected the worst from the stigma. If their parents are not taking the issue seriously then they will not either. This in a nutshell is stigma at its finest. The biggest detriment to the fight against mental health illness is stigma. The irony of it all is that stigma is a social construction which basically means it is made up. If it was not for the way people think than mental health problems would be combatted much easier. . If society could find a way to eliminate it as a problem then the grasp on the mental health outbreak can be contained. Kids would not be afraid or embarrassed to discuss their problems. The goal should be molding society where fighting mental illness is considered a strength rather than having one is a weakness.
Stigma is defined as “the social process characterized by the exclusion, blame, or devaluation of a person group because of a negative social judgement

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