Stigma, Facts And Solutions : Raising Same Sex Families

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PSCC Report
Stigma, Facts and Solutions: Raising Same-sex families.
Social stigma against homosexuals is a common experience for those raising children in same-sex families. Although gay rights have improved and a generally more inclusive environment is present there are still many who treat homosexuals as mentally ill deviants (McCabe, 2012). Even with gay right improvements there is still debate surrounding bringing children into these environments. Current discourses assume that same-sex families will negatively affect the development of children and that they are unable to provide supportive and traditional environments. Impact of stigmatization
The impact of stigmatization is a significant concern for the development of
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Reporting her sons were being severely bullied (resulting in one of the children dropping out) found that not only refused to provide assistance with the bullying but also refused to recognise her role in her sons life as she wasn’t the biological mother. And despite repeated interactions and parent teacher interviews all correspondence was addressed to ‘Mr and Mrs’ (McCabe, 2012). Throughout the government and legal branches, Discrimination is present. Keeping or gaining the physical custody of children is up to luck depending on the judge’s view on same-sex couples and often results in restrictions placed upon capable parents due to their sexuality (Patterson & American Psychological Association, 2005).
Institutionalised discrimination is experience regularly as a non-biological co-parent. Without being legally recognised, it is not possible to sign as a parent on official documents for example immunization permission.

Fears and the current discourse
The discourse surrounding same-sex parenting; the damage it can have on child development, encourages stigma, creating an environment in which even people in support of same-sex marriages have concerns about these families raising children
Common fears surround:
 The development of gender identities and gender roles,
 That children will become gay themselves,
 The children will be more at risk of being sexually abused
 There is an increased risk of being
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