Stigma In Sociology

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The record interviews were unnamed while they were holding extremely important about the people such as their demographics of each individual who was part of the study that experienced some form of stigma. The study began to measure labeling which showed that people who were part of the study expressed that battle with depending on a drug and as well as having psychological disability caused them not to meet the criteria of society. The individuals were given labels to see how they would react however, the individuals recalled not being called labels in dental setting however, and they were called names on the streets. The participant believed that the dentist and doctors did give them labels only when they were around each other and not…show more content…
The participants recalled the dentist rushing through their sessions and not taking time to give pain killers to work and talk about how to solve their problems to make sure they were in a good stance with their dental problems the dentist just brushed it off. According to Brondani, Alan and Donnelly (2017), “Dental appointments happen in social context and yet dentist seemed to minimize interactions at best or avoid altogether at worst without making eye contact” (para.23). This is an example of being stigmatized being based on your appearance. It is just like excluding someone simply based on their race and gender it affects you and makes a person feel like they are not good enough to do something which takes a tool on an individual. The study measured discrimination and how the participants were treated unfairly based on skin color and their age especially in medical rooms especially in the matter of being treated for medical care for their teeth the participant were discriminated and sensed hatred and how they received low quality service. The study measured power and how the participants felt they did not have power over life there and how vulnerable they felt when dentist would exploit their power. Dentist would suppress medicines before formerly talk about. The people in the study would avert having power taken
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