Stigma Of Abortion

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Abortion is a topic that when spoken about gives many individuals a sense of uncomfortableness and many tend to shy away from this topic; Because abortion is a topic which has sparked many debates on whether it is acceptable or not. Societies have developed different stigmas around abortion and it affects many woman and how they live there life. This topic is relevant to my generation as the stigma of abortion is still very prevalent. To properly look at this issue, one must look into many different aspects of the abortion argument. By narrowing down the research, I came to the conclusion of 4 major aspects that shape the stigma around abortion. The historical roles of a woman play a major role in the social construct of abortion. If historically a woman is meant to be a mother and a nurturer; how does abortion pertain to that idea and how can it effectively be justified? Additionally, the stigmatism around abortion currently and the main ideas of motherhood give abortion a tainted view for the individuals that are undergoing this operation or are in a situation to make that decision. If one is to be pushed away for her decision as well as affecting the individuals around her, what does that have to say about the already heavily stigmatised topic? As well, when looking into a topic, one must realize that traditions, norms, values and ideas come from years before and that the older generation plays a huge role in this. If the older generation was raised, and is raising
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