Stigmatization Of Black Queer Men Essay

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Stigmatization of Black Queer Men For every Black man that is born, each is gifted with the rigid expectations of being a hyper-masculine male. These expectations seemed to be passed down through generations from family members. The study "African American Gay Youth and Their Families: Redefining Masculinity, Coping with Racism and Homophobia.”, portrays some of the hardships of coming out within this specific community. A mother who was interviewed in this study said “You are told to be a man … and being a man does not mean you sleep with other men,” she said. “Being a man means you have a woman and you procreate and continue the family name.” And for queer black men especially, this expectation of needing a woman to be the validation for your manhood takes a toll on them and their ability to feel safe in coming out. In this essay I intend to outline the problematic expectations and stigmatization of the black queer male community and develop ways in which this problem can start to be overcome while dealing with different sections of intersectionality. Black men are often viewed as emotionless, physically strong, hyper-sexual, and mischievous. There are so many rules surrounding what “passing” is as a man. However, not all of these rules are created by Black men themselves. These are the rules the media portrays, neighbors portray and even women in elevators clutching their purses portray. For anyone to be constantly bombarded with these stereotypes and not internalize
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