Stigmatization Of Immigrants Essay

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Imagine walking down a dark and dimly lit corridor. The only thing that can be heard is the sound of airplane engines shutting down. As you are walking, the sound grows dimmer and the light from the end becomes brighter and brighter, as if it was the sun. At the end of the tunnel there are two signs, one pointing towards security and another pointing towards international security. Once you enter the international security cue, you get the feeling as if everyone is watching. When it is your turn to hand the attendant your passport, he or she asks you a series of questions: “What is the purpose of your visit?” “How many days are you staying?” It is as if they are interrogating you, which they are. Immigrants have this kind of stigmatism…show more content…
This adding of high income and low income earners, shrinks the job market for most immigrants, making it harder and harder for immigrants to get out of poverty. One might constitute the question, that if the poverty rate is so high why do immigrants not have multiple jobs? The fact is, that immigrants do have multiple jobs, but it is very difficult because “These immigrants presumably compete for the same jobs held by the least-skilled native workers…” (Card 2). For immigrants it is a constant cycle of competition from United States citizens and other immigrants. It has been said, “The increase in poverty among immigrants is driven mostly by the changing national-origin composition of the foreign born” (Card 3). With the increasing populations of immigrants, job will become harder and harder to come by, which leads immigrants to turn to a life of crime. ¬¬¬¬A life of crime for most immigrants is not their first choice, but it may be the only way for them to provide for their families. A recent study stated, that the incarceration rate for immigrants are, “0.85 percent for illegal immigrants, and 0.47 percent for legal immigrants” (Landgrave). So the blanket statement that immigrants cause crime has been profoundly falsified. The same study also stated that, “The incarceration rate was 1.53 percent for natives” (Landgrave). So why are immigrants being
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