Still I Rise Echoes We Wear The Mask

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Standing up to Racism Racism is a very controversial topic and people go at racism with different tactics. Some people go head on and mock how white people treat them but others hid and play into the roles that white people want but then rise up later. This is the case in Paul Laurence Dunbar’s We Wear the Mask and Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise. Both of these poems use different methods in confronting racism. Dunbar’s method is more of a style of hiding in the beginning but then at the end shows how to overcome. Angelou’s method is more of going straight at racism and attacking it head on. Even though both writers use different types of methods, in the end both of them want to show how Blacks rose up from racism and discrimination. Still I Rise Echoes We Wear the Mask through the use of imagery, language and how each writer uses the term mask. Both writers use imagery to express the feelings that the…show more content…
In Dunbar’s We Wear the Mask it is showing how Blacks are agreeing to wear the mask but underneath that mask they are planning. This is shows when he says “Nay, let them only see us, while/ We wear the mask.” Dunbar is displaying how Blacks only wanted white people to see them with the mask on and they don’t want to be seen making plans on how to overcome discrimination. But by the end Blacks are taking off the mask to show their fight. This can be paralleled with Still I Rise because Angelou is more in your face and it shows how she has ripped the mask off and is speaking her mind. The speaker has power and confidence to overcome discrimination. This is exemplified when Angelou says “Did you want to see me broken? /Bowed head and lowered eyes?” The speaker is mocking white people in saying how Blacks should act, but really they are done conforming to what Whites want and fighting for equality. In both poems the mask shows the evolution of Blacks and how they overcame
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