Still Separate, Still Unequal Analysis Essay

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Still Separate, Still Unequal “Still Separate, Still Unequal”, written by Jonathan Kozol, describes the reality of urban public schools and the isolation and segregation the students there face today. Jonathan Kozol illustrates the grim reality of the inequality that African American and Hispanic children face within todays public education system. In this essay, Kozol shows the reader, with alarming statistics and percentages, just how segregated Americas urban schools have become. He also brings light to the fact that suburban schools, with predominantly white students, are given far better funding and a much higher quality education, than the poverty stricken schools of the urban neighborhoods. Jonathan Kozol brings our attention to…show more content…
Pathos is used in order to link the essay with the reader’s emotions and ethos is used to show the writers moral character. For example, pathos is used when Kozol speaks to a student of a Bronx high school, “Think of it this way,” said a sixteen-year-old girl. “If people in New York woke up one day and learned that we were gone…how would they feel?...I think they’d be relieved.” (Kozol 205) This part of the essay really made me feel sad for this girl who lives in a society where she has grown up feeling like now one cares about her or others of her race. Kozol also shows us letters he has received from young elementary school children trying to understand why they do not have the same luxuries other children in wealthier school districts have, and why they do not have basic needs such as toiletries. Pathos is used within this essay to convey the sorrow of these students’ situations. For example, when he speaks of a letter written by an eight year old girl named Elizabeth, “It is not fair that other kids have a garden and new things. But we don’t have that.” (Kozol 206) There is a deep amount of sadness from the tone of this little girl’s letter, which me feel empathy for this
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