Still Your Turn Mapping Compensation Strategy

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Still Your Turn Mapping Compensation Strategy
In summarizing the key points of our company’s strategy, this is what the observation show. Billy Joe’s Fashions LLC retails their high class and affordable fashion clothing through web sites events, flea markets, and catalogs. The clothing is not only stylishly different but comes from some of the finest quality materials. The company is utilizing southern cotton, and synthetic polyester so that the cloth is not only affordable but tremendously stunning and attractive. Billy Joe’s Fashions Clothing is delivered through salespersons to customers via flea markets, personal shopping, websites and catalogs. BJ’s is the undeniable and unique place to buy from because of the extensive selections offered to our customers. In addition to that, the sale people are experts in the field. Their philosophy is to place service above self and to operate with integrity always looking for new ways to grow and improve customer satisfaction. The mission is to provide clothing for every home in America and changing the lives by changing their appearance. BJ’s Clothing premise is that this clothing line will create an opportunity for other men and women to start their businesses and achieve financial independence doing the kind of work they are excited.
The key points that are being discovered about BJ’s Clothing are prominence. “Prominence is the measure of how important total compensation is in the overall HR strategy” (Milkovich, 2014, p.54).…

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