Stillbirth: Pregnancy and Guide Updated

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Stillbirth Causes
Factors Linked to Late Pregnancy Loss * placental abruption
Giving birth to a stillborn baby is every pregnant woman's worst nightmare. When it does happen, it's natural to want to understand why. Unfortunately, answers are rarely to be found -- more than 70% of stillbirths are never explained. Doctors theorize that the majority of stillbirths probably have something to do with the placenta not functioning correctly, and they have some other specific theories on what causes this devastating type of pregnancy loss.
Chromosomal or Congenital Conditions
Just as chromosomal abnormalities cause the majority of miscarriages, certain chromosomal and congenital conditions can increase the risk that a baby will be
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As a part of prenatal care, doctors watch for early signs of problems in the mother and the baby. When risk factors exist, such as high blood pressure, the doctor can sometimes take action to reduce risk. This is why seeking prenatal care is so important.
In the case of cord accidents, chromosomal conditions, or other unforeseeable problems, however, stillbirth can occur without warning and thus is not always preventable.
What Are Early Warning Signs / Symptoms of Possible Stillbirth?:
Stillbirth can occur without symptoms, but doctors often instruct women who are past 28 weeks pregnant to track fetal kick counts at least once a day. If the kick count causes concern, your doctor may want you to come in for a test called an NST that checks whether your baby is safe.
Other possible warning signs include abdominal or back pain and vaginal bleeding; this could mean a condition called placental abruption. Always err on the side of caution and call your doctor if you are concerned.
What Causes Stillbirths?:
A variety of factors can cause babies to be stillborn, but some known causes are: * Problems with the placenta or umbilical cord (potentially caused by the

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