Stimulants Against Peds

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The Ultimate Price for Glory The sports world is filled with endless competition with everyone trying to be the absolute best, so is greatness worth risking their own life? With the constant push from coaches, family members, fans, and even themselves, it is no wonder that athletes sometimes experiment with performance enhancers. There are many different types of Performance Enhancing Drugs, and each kind has different effects on the human body. There are many different categories of Performance Enhancing Drugs, a few include; Anabolic steroids which unnaturally build muscle at a much more rapid rate, Stimulants which can improve athletic performance and endurance while decreasing fatigue, and Painkillers which can allow an athlete to perform…show more content…
Propaganda and the use of glittering generalities may have a way of blinding us of the truths that surround PED’s, however, there is still a way of digging out the answers. One of the most horrific truths is that an athlete will almost endure anything to achieve ultimate greatness, even if it will take their own life. In the article “Gaming by Games”, by Jim Schmaltz he states, “There's an old saying among critics of Olympic drug-testing standards: How do you discover who's using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs)? Find the ones wearing the medals.” (Schmaltz). This saying that Schmaltz states is not only a reminder of the way the sports world of today is, but it is also a sad truth of what it takes to succeed in sports. This example of an Olympic medalist; someone who is viewed as hard working individual who has been training for almost four years for this exact moment, is nothing but a performance enhancing drug user. “‘Death for glory’ mindset is known as the Goldman Dilemma, and it's the reason athletes take enormous risks for their health reputations, and career -- even if they don't want to.” (Schmaltz). This quote specifically illustrates the terrible truth that comes along with being an athlete in which health is a risk worth taking in the journey for gold. The use of a PED is an extreme health risk; however, athletes will still consider using this because…show more content…
An article by the name of “The Doping Dilemma”, by Michael Shermer gives a table that illustrates the many side effects that come along with each performance enhancing drug. For instance, a PED that enhances oxygen transfer will have side effects that include; blood clots, heart attack, stroke, and a PED that aids in the build of muscle and bone can cause; liver damage, breast development in men, and attitude changes (Shermer). Both categories of PED’s are only a few of the different kinds of drugs, this means that this is only a fraction of the side effects that are related to the use of PED’s. On the online article, “Adverse Health Consequences of Performance -Enhancing Drugs: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement”, the authors indicate “Users of high doses of AAS may be more susceptible to rage, antisocial and violent behaviors, and suicidality. Sharing of needles and other paraphernalia and unprotected sex may increase the risk of infections such as hepatitis and HIV. The use of PEDs, especially in conjunction with analgesics or stimulants, may allow athletes to engage in extremely high-intensity exercise, increasing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.” (Pope). The exact truth and not only physical, but mental health issues that are associated with the abuse of performance enhancing drugs are a real occurrence in all of
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