Stimulating Patriotism and Promoting Economic Prosperity during World War I

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World War II was of great importance to the United States of America. Women also had an important role in this war. The war effort stimulated patriotism and promoted economic prosperity. American industry quickly transformed to war production in order to contribute to the nation’s military necessities. When the men left to fight in war, women were left with the men’s duties back on the home front. During World War II, approximately 350,000 women served in the U.S. on the home front and overseas. The working industry instituted a campaign urging women to do their part to meet wartime manufacturing quotas. It wasn’t common for women at this time to work outside the home, but this war needed every helping hand possible, woman or man. World War II brought about the new trend of women earning their own money for themselves instead of always having to rely on their husband’s money. This gave a sense of independence to women of this era. Besides working on the home front, some women also volunteered for war service and join a various amount of women’s branches in the armed forces; such as the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, which eventually became the Women’s Army Corp (WAC). The Women’s Army Corps was the first time women were given a full military rank. Women pilots also came about, these women were in an organization called Women’s Air Force Service Pilots (WASP). The WASP was not easy to be accepted into and only a limited number of women who applied were accepted. There was
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