Stimulation Recording in Frog Sciatic Nerve

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Pithing was used to destroy the brain pain center making the frog insensitive to pain. The gastrocnemius muscle was dissected and the sciatic nerve was carefully removed. The frog ringer solution was prepared. The ingredients used included 0.14g of KCl, 6.5g of NaCl, 0.3g of CaCl2.2H2O and 0.5g NaHCO3. These were mixed in 600ml of distilled water and the pH was held between 7-7.4. This solution was used throughout the experiment to keep the nerve moist order to obtain accurate results.
Electrophysiological Configuration of the BIOPAC
A standard nerve chamber called BIPOAC was used in this experiment; the nerve along with the muscle was placed on the electrodes of this chamber. An amplifier with a 100 AC gain and filter band pass of 0.1-Hz to 10Hz sampled by IGOR software was used to amplify the response of the nerve when stimulus is applied. IGOR is an integrated program for visualizing, analyzing, transforming and presenting data. Using this program the thresholds of the compound action potential, end plate potential, the conduction velocity and the paired pulse facilitation in the sciatic nerve of the frog was found. IGOR traces obtained using various stimuli are important in understanding nerve stimulation and…

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