Stimuli Experiment

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For this experiment I will include all participants. There will be three groups of individuals, which will include one control group and two separate treatment groups that will be subject to two different stimuli.


The stimuli in this experiment will include names of 15 animals paired with a short description that includes information on the animal, more specifically signalling its level of self-awareness and intelligence. This first group will have information that signals a higher level of intelligence and self-awareness, whereas the second group will be given names of animals with information that will signal lower levels of intelligence and self-awareness. The third group will be a control group that does not receive any excess
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Those questions with reversed wording that leads to a 1 for the highest sense of moral obligation will have their numbers reversed to maintain data consistency. The presence of self-awareness will be coded as a dummy variable with “1” being a “yes” and “0” being a “no”. High intelligence versus low intelligence will be coded as a dummy variable as well, with “1” translating to “yes” and “0” translating to “no”. I will also code in a dummy variable for moral vegetarian, a dummy variable for health vegetarian and a dummy variable for non vegetarian. Finally, I will have control variables accounting for various pieces of demographic…show more content…
For my ANOVA test there will be three separate hypotheses:

H0: Level of intelligence will have no significant effect on morality.
H1: Level of intelligence does have a significant effect on morality. H0: Level of self-awareness will have no significant effect on
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