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Stimulus 3: “I’d rediscovered the secret to life”

It was a raw, dull time of year, nearing the end of November, the kind of drizzly, self-pitying November day when every grain of sand stands out clearly. The frosty clamp of the Canadian winter was just about in full effect, but this day in particular blew its wet emotional gusts all around me.

The abrasive flashes of sunlight poured through a blackened sky. I was back at Sentinel Secondary School for my brother; I found it looking strangely newer than when I attended there ten years before. It seemed more sedate than I remembered, more linear and straight-laced, with cramped windows and slick woodwork, as though a coat of polish had been put over everything for preservation.

Ah Jason… his Life cracked with a burning passion, he was a monument to resilience. His personality radiated positivity, from his morning shower screaming practice to his impeccable attitude towards life even in its bleak moments. His sheer confidence was brilliantly mesmerising. People said the same about me, but that was a long time ago. That side now concealed, sometimes life hits
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The latch fastened with the dwindling remains of a couple of screws was all that linked top and bottom together. I unlatched the lid and peered inside. I hadn’t a clue of what it could be, maybe a large sum of cash or collectors item from a distant relative? I dived into the depths only to uncover a single item, at first glance the shredded scrap, disappointed my high ambitions. But as I gazed in closer, I noticed the sharp delicate strokes of his handwriting
“Friday, June 1 2001 Beach day!” I reversed the card like paper to reveal something I had completely forgotten. A photograph of Jason and me, with liberating smiles, laid back postures and eyes shimmering with delight. His arm was around my shoulder. I’d rediscovered the secret of
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