Stitch and Mrs. Wright

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TAlejandro E. Martinez Pena 4/6/2012 801-11-3929 Questions : Trifles 1. What attitude towards woman do the sherriff and the County Attorney express? How do Mrs.peters and Mrs. Hale react to these sentiments? -The reaction of the sherriff was one that showed that he really believed that the weren’t going to be very usefull in any way and the County’s attitude was more of a flirtatious manner. - They both do not pay much attention to their sentiments. 2. Why does the County Attorney care so much about discovering a motive for the killing ? -Not only is it because is his job to find the reason to the murder and understand what happen so he can present it in court to a…show more content…
- Because it shows that Mrs. Wright knows how to knot a rope its ironic that she uses that term as mrs. Wright used a knot to kill her husband . 11. Point out some moments in the play when the playwright conveys much to the audience without dialogue -when they show how the parchment she was stitching and the way the canary was taken care of 12.How would you sum the plays major theme? - You don’t never get to truly know what a person is capable of doing 13.How does this play , produced in 1916 show its age ? in what ways does this play seem remarkably new - the horrid archaic grammar -in the themes which a reader can relate to. 14. Discuss this view I agree in one point Trifles is a very lousy and boring and obvious mystery it’s full of clichés which bored me to tears But I disagree with the rest of the argument just because the action already took place doesn’t mean it’s boring in some occasions its invigorating to the reader to find out what happened but in this case it wasn’t
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