Stitches: A Short Story

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Have you ever wondered how people get so hurt that they have to get stitches? Well, let me tell you how. I had just landed in India and went to my cousin’s house. Everybody was catching up with my mom, my sister, and me, and of course, we were catching up with them. A few hours later, my uncle said we had to go to sleep. He asked me to turn off the lights. So I went to turn the lights off. Suddenly, I tripped over my cousin and hit a really sharp corner of a wall. There was so much blood on the wall and my forehead! I was crying so much that tears ran down all the way to my chest. My grandma said it was too late at night to go to the hospital. In the morning, my mom tried waking me up to go to the hospital, but I was too tired to go. Finally,
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