Stl33 Promote Children's Positive Behaviour Essay

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1.1 Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s behaviour • Behaviour policy • Rewards and sanctions • Attendance • Anti-Bullying policy • Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour • Code of conduct Behaviour policy: is a guide for all staff on how pupil’s behaviour should be managed. It provides a cleared shared understanding between the Head Teacher, staff, parents and pupils on discipline. It is vital that the policy is constantly being put into practice to ensure the safety of the pupils in school and the efficiency of pupil’s ability to learn. In my setting the behavior policy includes: * Expectations and responsibilities of Teachers behaviour and…show more content…
Code of conduct: Code of conduct is a set of rules and guidelines for pupils so they understand how they should behave in school and what is expected of them. It is important that the children are reminded of the code of conduct so that it becomes their routine and they fully understand it. It is essential that positive behaviour is always promoted and praised to encourage children to continue their ‘good choices’. Teachers and other adults in schools should also demonstrate positive behaviour as children notice when adults’ behaviour is out of character. If teachers are being positive role models it is more likely that pupils will also behave in a positive way. 1.2 Evaluate how the policies and procedures of the setting support children and young people to: * Feel safe * Make a positive contribution * Develop social and emotional skills * Understand expectations and limits In my setting we follow the framework of Every Child Matters and its 5 outcomes. Two of these outcomes apply to Feel Safe and Making a positive contribution. Some of the following has been Group discussion: Feel

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