Essay on Stls Level2 Support Children at Meal and Snack Time

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1.1 Outline the nutritional requirements of a healthy diet for children and young people

A healthy diet for children should be composed of 3 meals a day and a snack covering the right amount of calories for a full day and containing the following elements:

* 30% of carbohydrates (Starchy) foods such as potatoes, yarns or plantain and (preferably wholemeal when the children digestive system is mature enough) grain like rice, wheat, oats, barley etc…or some pulses. This food group offers a sustained energy level as well as calcium, iron and vitamin B. * At least 5 helpings of fruit or vegetable in raw, cooked, tinned dried or frozen form but limiting fruit juices to one serving only as they lack sufficient fibre. These are a
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Other meat must be Halal (animals slaughtered according to Islamic laws) | Other sources of protein must be offered (pulses, dairy, chicken, beef, lamb) | | Jewish | Jewish do not eat pork or shellfish. Other meats must be slaughtered according to Jewish rituals (Kosher). Certain foods must not come in contact with each other. (use of separate plates/cutlery) | Other fish or protein sources must be offered | cultural | Vegetarian | Vegetarian do not eat meat or meat by-product (gelatin, cheese containing rennet) they do however eat eggs, milk and dairy | Other sources of proteins must be offered such as pulses, leafy vegetables, tofu, fortified cereals | | vegan | Vegan do not eat any food of animal origin | Other sources of proteins must be offered such as pulses, leafy vegetables, tofu, fortified cereals |

2.1 Describe the benefits of healthy eating for children and young people

Children and young people’s health and development is closely linked to their dietary choice as they need the right amount of nutrients necessary to keep their energy and to maintain the body for growth, tissue repair, healthy skin, hair and teeth, red blood cells and strong immune system.
A good balanced diet will help the children staying concentrated as their body is functioning at full capacity (which will influence their learning) and healthy habits learnt at a young age are more
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