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Course Project: Stock Analysis Stock Analysis on Sprint By COMPANY BACKGROUND According to information gathered from the Sprint 's 10K document for 2012, Sprint Nextel Corporation was incorporated in 1938 under the laws of Kansas and over the years has become the third largest operator (53 Million subscribers) in the United States behind AT&T and Verizon. Sprint offers wireless services to subscribers in all states, including Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands under the Sprint corporate brand, which includes brands such as Sprint, Nextel, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Assurance Wireless. The company 's services are transmitted over networks that utilize third generation (3G) code division multiple access (CDMA),…show more content…
SPRINT 'S DISADVANTAGE Even though Sprint has become very creative its pricing models and product offerings, it still lags behind its two major competitors when it comes to bandwidth offering. In the age where speed is often king, Sprint needs to catch up to the competition quickly. In a recent exercise conducted by TechHive, the top four US carriers were tested for the speed transmitted by their 3G and 4G networks. In their tests, TechHive used a Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung to test out 4G LTE, while they use the iPhone 4S to test 3G speeds. Each of those devices are sold on the four networks, so making sure there was a fair playing field is key. During the 3G tests, T-Mobile 's network performed well showing strong downloads and uploads speeds, averaging a 3.13 mbps download and 1.04 mbps upload time. During the test, Sprint’s 3G network did not perform well with average speeds of 0.4mbps down and just 0.31 mbps up. Verizon 's network also did not perform well on the 3G, averaging a lowly 0.8 mbps down and 0.52 mbps up. AT&T came in second place for 3G testing at 2.97 mbps on the download and 0.96 mbps on the upload. When it came to the 4G testing, T-Mobile and Verizon showed similar numbers on download, averaging around 9 mbps, while Verizon beat out T-Mobile on the upload with 5.47 mbps compared to 2.65 mbps. AT&T annihilated the competition with an average download speed of 13.15 mbps and an upload speed of
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