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Abstract This project documents and describes the buying and selling of stocks that we purchased using $ 100,000 USD (Monopoly money) given to us by our instructor. Our assignment was to invest the stock in any way seen best fit to gain the most profit. We were to track our stocks three times a week and document the results using Microsoft Excel. The requirements for the assignment were to include two stock trades and to try to make our portfolio diverse using different sectors. The purpose of this project is to understand how the stock market works, and give us a better understanding of how the stock market operates. As a beginning investor, I tried to keep my initial stocks as an even investment for the most part. I…show more content…
I purchased 212 shares of Starbucks (SBUX) at $ 51.17 per share, for a total of $ 10,848.04. I decided on Starbucks because I consider this company to have high end products with larger profits due to the markup. This company seems to be moving along very well with technology adopting new marketing techniques like advertising heavily on social networks. My last purchase was State Street (STT), not only is the company that I work for, but in the near future I know that they will offer to pay my year end bonus with their stock instead of cash. I purchased 300 shares of stock at $ 43.00 per share, for a total of $ 12,900.00. With over $ 8.7 Trillion in middle-office assets under administration, State Street is a recognized leader in providing investment operations. Performance Up until October 19th, 2012, before I decided to adjust my portfolio each of my five stocks yielded a gain for my portfolio and my profit margin was 1.22%. On the same day, October 19th, 2012, I adjusted my portfolio. I decided to sell off all of my Apple stock (APPL); I sold all 60 shares at $609.84, which generated a loss of $4,236.00. I decided to sell because the price decreased more than $ 92 dollars in just 1 month and my theory of new product fever didn’t prove true. I wasn’t comfortable keeping this high priced stock with the price as high as 700 in the middle of September, and

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