Stock Market Simulation

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Software Requirements Specification


Stock Market Simulator

Version 1.0 approved

Prepared by Divesh Mirchandani, Abhishek Oturkar, Sumit Kriplani, Kedar Nadkarni


Table of Contents

Table of Contents ii
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1. Introduction 1 1.1 Purpose 1 1.2 Document Conventions 1 1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions 1 1.4 Product Scope 1 1.5 References 2
2. Overall Description 2 2.1 Background 2 2.2 System Context 2 2.3 System Capabilities 3
3. Behavioural Requirements 4 3.1 System Inputs & Outputs 4 3.2 Detailed Output Behaviour 4 3.3 Software Interfaces 4 3.4 Communications Interfaces 4
4. Quality Requirements 12
5. Fundamental
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9. Investopedia. Game: Investopedia Stock Only Game 2009 - No End. Investopedia. [Online] 2010 February - April.

Overall Description

1 Background

This intention of this project is to simulate a stock exchange environment for users to learn the basics of stock exchange. This learning process can be simple, stress free, and enjoyable in a gaming environment. This environment allows players to hone their skills through competition with other players using virtual money to buy and sell stocks based on a real stock market. Each player can to formulate their own strategy and assess their performance through our user-friendly, web based stock exchange simulator. Through experience, players will gain confidence in their investing abilities using a variety of stock exchange techniques, which have been implemented in our software. We hope to make the difficult task of learning to invest in a high risk, stock exchange market an enjoyable experience.

2 System Context

• Web based application – HTML based application written using the Django web framework. • Includes: o Registration/ Login system o Game cycles o User history - all data saved for user portfolio available for reference during a login

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