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Phu Uong Period 3 Mr. Moore Essay Due Date: January 22nd Stock Start Date: November 1st Stock End Date: January 15th Final Portfolio: 9,611.00 Pages: 2 The stock game was the hardest game I have ever played in. With so many things on the line such as grades, competition, and making money, I have made lots of mistakes on the way but also learned a lot of good lessons about investing and business. During the explanation before the game started, I thought it was really easy to buy, sell, short and cover stocks. However, when reality was set, there were so many choices to make from what company to buy, how much to buy, and determine the right time to sell or buy the stock. I lost about 300 dollars from my 10,000 dollars portfolio. That…show more content…
Although, in some cases such as the terrorist attack in Paris or the China 's stock market crashed, it affected a section of stock greatly. Air France USA got completely destroyed after the ISIS attack due to all the fear. Then, Apple and other major American companies’ stocks plummeted because all of their products are being produced in China when their stock market crashed. Even though you need to calculate back and forth, watch the news and the movement of the stocks, you have to be lucky in order to pull the right trigger and sadly mine didn 't last long. I personally like this game because it lets us experience what it would be like if we put our livelihoods into those stocks. I was sweating, thinking, calculating, etc. of how can I increase my portfolio. However, it took lots of energy and time to invest. I could not even sleep at night because I felt scared that suddenly my stocks would go down and lose all the money. I was so worried that I checked my stocks every hours. Overall, it was a great game to experience but it would be more fun without the money and the essay pages. I think this game actually prepared me for the future if I decided to go in the business field and wanted to make money off of stocks. However, in real life, I would have to be a lot more aggressive because it is going to be my real money, not virtual money. Also, it is going to be my livelihood on the line too, not just essay pages. This is just the practice of the
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