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Stock Trak-Report Investment Analysis I Executive Summary This report will describe examine the various strategies that were undertaken to successfully complete the Stocktrak simulation. Firstly, an analysis of the US and Chinese markets will be given as they are crucial markets that play a big role in the worldwide economy. Due to the fact that the US economy has been going through a recession, a working knowledge of this economic was crucial to our success. Our initial strategy revolved around timing trades based on daily market performance and expectations using daily market news and reports. While this strategy was successful to an extent, our group soon focused on diversifying our portfolio, not just through the quantity of…show more content…
For instance, economic growth is mainly constrained by the policy and political environment, which indicates that the economic growth momentum is not strongly autonomous. The current consumption growth will mainly depend on policy guidance and encouragement in the national income distribution system. If there is no fundamental change in circumstances, the steady growth in consumption of endogenous mechanisms is hard to form. Strategy Figure A The first strategy attempted by the group involved timing trades based on daily market performance and expectations. Based on our predictions, shares were bought during the early hours of trading and by mid-day, the group had a good idea what would be kept until the next day of trading and what would be sold by close. This strategy made use of daily market news and reports to help predict short term changes; little attention was paid to long term potential as the group felt the timeframe the simulation take place in was too short. This strategy, while mildly successful, was not earning large enough gains for the group's portfolio. Many of our gains would be negated by the commission the simulator charged per trade. This strategy later evolved to include larger equity purchases on Fridays before the market closed for the weekend. These
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