Stockhausen Life and Works

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He was the first child of three born to Simon and Gertrud Stockhausen. Early in his life, the Stockhausen family struggled financially. Germany was in a low point of stability after WWI and most people had trouble making ends meet. Simon Stockhausen, a teacher at the time, was forced to move from one temporary post to another on average twice a year. Unfortunately in 1932 when he was four years old, Stockhausen’s mother Gertrud was committed into a sanatorium. This was likely due to the depression she encountered associated with the instability, poverty, and having three children so close to one another. In 1935 Shortly after his wife became ill, Simon Stockhausen was promoted to head teacher at a small village school located in Altenburg. The newly formed Third Reich led by Adolf Hitler used him in this position to influence the local community by spreading propaganda and organizing fundraisers for the new movement. Karlheinz Stockhausen showed an early interest in music and the family piano. The family also owned a radio that young Stockhausen listened to and attempted to imitate. When he was seven, Karlheinz was enrolled in school and began his first piano lessons with the organist of the local Protestant church. He practiced often and learned to play back music he heard on the radio.
In 1939 Karlheinz was refused admission to an elite high…

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