Stockland Corporation Limited: A Case Study Of Stockland Corporation Limited

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Stockland Corporation Limited is a diversified property group . It is one of Australia's largest property group . Stockland was founded in 1952 . When the company was founded, they have a vison of contribute to the development of their cities and achieve growth and make profits .In 1957, Stockland listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.In 1965 , Stockland opened its first commercial development . The headquarters of Stockland is located at Castlereagh Street in Sydney, Australia . The founders of the company are Albert Scheinberg and Ervin Graf . The products of Stockland includes retail centers, business parks, logistics centers, office buildings, residential communities , retirement living villages , housing estate, shopping center management and others . The responsibility of the company has done towards the society and environment includes reduces energy used significantly by using LED lights . LED lights uses less energy compared to the traditional bulb . Other than that , Stockland reduces the water used by the company . Then , Stockland will assure that their products are in best quality before they sell it to their customers. Besides , Stockland.has a community that…show more content…
It can be classified into 2 categories . Internal source or external source of finance . Internal source of finance can be done by using retained profit. It is the profit that the company kept rather than pay it to the shareholders . It is kept in the company for further business expanding purposes . But not all business makes profit , it might not be enough to finance the business expansion . The advantages of choosing this source of finance is that it is cheap because the only cost is to pay shareholders when the company earn profit . It will allow the business to have full control of the business because there are no any new shareholders or partners come in to the company and control the business

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