Stockman Bank Company Ratios

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Company Bio
The company I selected for this project was Stockman Bank. “Stockman Bank is a complete financial center providing personal, business, agricultural and real estate banking services across Montana, northern Wyoming and western North Dakota.”(Stockman Bio page) The reason I choose this financial institute because it is Montana based and holds Montana values. Stockman currently has 34 locations state wide which makes it the third largest bank in Montana and the 20th largest agricultural lender in the United States. Stockman Bank has around 700 plus employees company wide with about 200 employees in the billings area.
The individuals I interviewed for this Project was Ashley Glants and Lisa Donovan. Ashley is a HR Recruiting Specialist while Lisa is a HR Generalist and the duties of these two positions is to provide administrative support to the HR department which consist of the day to day activities associate with Stockman Bank. THe type of jobs that I will be reviewing are mostly entry level positions like bank tellers, customer service representative, and loan assistant. The reason I am focusing on entry positions is because of their sheer numbers, because of this factor it allows the employee selection to become very refined, and almost automated.
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Job analysis is the process of obtaining detailed information about the desired position. The reason it is so important is because it makes the foundation for what questions will be asked on the application and interview. My first question in regard to job analysis is whether or not Stockman Bank produced their own job analysis or used standardized ones like Onet produces. Ashley said that all of Stockman Bank’s job descriptions are developed from the HR and the respective departments. This ensures that a well developed, and accurate job description can be produced for all positions. Below is a job description listed for a teller
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