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This stock-track portfolio really kept me interested in class and I had a lot of fun doing it. Throughout the semester I made 40 different trades. The day I received my cash I bought 15 different stocks. I purchased 500 shares of each stock. Coca-Cola was my first. I didn't know much about the market, so I wanted strong, low-risk stocks. Next I bought Tommy Hilfiger Corp., because I really like their clothes and I felt that they were going to sell a lot more with the new line of kids clothing they were putting out. MCI communications was my next choice. My mother's cellular phone is hooked up with them and I figured I might as well support the company. Inter-Tel was next. I thought I was buying Intel, but
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My mother and girlfriend always buy shoes from Nine-West shoes, so I felt that they were doing something right. I bought Newport News Shipbuilding Inc. Because I thought I was buying stock in Newport Cigarettes, but I didn't care. I then bought American Eagle Outfitters because I love their clothes. That concluded my first day on the stock market. I spent almost $315,000, and I was just warming up. The next week I came back, and this time I was buying stocks in groups of 1,000 shares. I bought NYMXE Pharmaceutical Corp., and I think I was just picking at random because I can't think of one good reason on why I bought that or my next choice, Digene Corporation, I don't even know what they do there, but that's alright because it just adds to the diversity of my portfolio. Norwest Corp is another random selection. On a day when you're just picking names and you see something you've heard of, you buy I t. That's what happened when I saw Mobil Corp. Electronic data System. It sounded like a good high-tech stock. The following day I realized that I was over my budget so I started selling some stocks. I sold Coca-Cola because it was up two points, so I was happy with that return. Fruit of the Loom was down two points so I got worried and sold it. Tommy Hilfiger was up almost 2 points, so I got rid of it. MCI also went up so

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