Stoicism Vs Buddhism Essay

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It is not uncommon in today’s society to come across someone who in some way shape or form believes in Buddhism. But what about the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism? These two ideologies were created thousands of miles apart, as well as centuries apart, however they bare more similarities than we would initially think. There are three key similarities between Stoicism and Buddhism. They both believe in receiving happiness from an internal source, in the idea that suffering stems from desires, and they also offer a path to a life without said suffering. If a person incorporated these beliefs into their life, they could only expect positive results. We start our spiritual and philosophical journey in a place called Lumbini. The founder of Buddhism in this world is known as Buddha Shakyamuni. He was born as a royal prince in 624 BC,…show more content…
While it is easy to say “do not desire to not suffer” it is ultimately harder to do. This is where Stoicism can come into play. Both of these philosophies seek to eliminate negative emotions and although the goal is similar their means of getting there differ slightly. Stoicism attains to achieve this notion through active rationality, using logic and certain methods to control one’s ego and limit unfavorable emotions. In a Stoic’s mind, honorable living will eventually lead to the tranquility that is sought. This being said, Buddhism attempts to attain the same goal of mind stillness through meditation and by training intuition. When these two are put together, the concept of living a rational life with the aid of meditation and neglecting to indulge in or dote on the desires that can bring upon suffering- one can only benefit. These practices can lead to the elimination of ego, anxiety, with the intention of eradicating all negative emotions, and can increase awareness, empathy and compassion for not only those around you but for life
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