Stolen Art of the Holocaust

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While death was the major tragedy of the Holocaust, all of the art stolen was definitely a dark spot. Most people don’t realize, but the art was taken from all Jews and many others by the Nazis. Some pieces of art have been found, but most still remain lost. Many that have been discovered are in museums and are not given to the true owners. There should be efforts spent on finding and recovering the art stolen by the Nazis to return it to their rightful owners. Hitler would have his soldiers take the art from the homes where the Jews lived when they took them away. Sometimes, if he wanted a specific work of art, he would have his people steal it or take it and kill the people who owned it. He would have his men steal all of the art and other artifacts from the homes of every person they took to the concentration camps, as well as those they simply killed in their homes. Taking the art was his way of taking everything from them, and a way that he could show his superiority over them. He took it because it was something they had that he wanted. Very few works of art taken by Hitler have been found, and many that are discovered reside in museums. Some have been discovered in museums or galleries in Austria, while thousands still remain lost. Recently, “a long-lost Monet and other art treasures stolen from Jews during the Holocaust have been discovered in the home of an 81-year-old German art collector,” Julian states (Julian). Cornelius Gurlitt, the art
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