Stolen Children Chapter Summary

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1. This book is a chapter book that contains appropriate age fitting vocabulary for children aged 8 to 12 year olds. Stolen Children contained no illustrations, having pictures throughout the book would have helped me understand the story line better. This book was very interesting and lead the reader to stay on their toes. There were 5 main characters in this book they were Amy who was the babysitter, Kendra the 3 year old girl, Smokey one of the kidnappers and Hugh another kidnapper. The main conflict of this book was when the girls (Amy and Kendra) had gotten kidnapped and were missing for a week. the setting of this book takes place in an old run down cabin that is in the middle of the woods. In the book, Peg Kehert wrote clues that Amy the character who plays the role as the babysitter gives off throughout the story.

2. Stolen Children was challenged twice by parents leading it to be banned in March of
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Most believe that this book shouldn’t be banned. I had read this book in 5th grade and never was harmed from reading it. I enjoyed reading this book. This book was very exciting and left you to wonder what would happen next. Stolen Children also stated many points of teaching responsibility. The 14 year old girl named Amy who wanted to become a babysitter, “I’m taking care of Kendra” (Kehret). This statement proves that Amy was working to be responsible so she could take care of children. Throughout t who was also kidnapped shown signs of bravery. This book can educate children he book, Amy has shown signs of nice caring and brave. Kendra the 4 year girl n that bad strange things can happen when you are trying to be responsible but being strong, and brave can help you out of a bad situation. Amy had lost her father when she was at a young age. Showing that she was strong she often felt pain and regret. Stolen Children also shares a message that teaches kids to love their family and friends while they can because you never know when it’s their time to
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