Stone Walls Research Paper

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I love interior design. I spend hours marking pages in home decorating magazines, and I log more hours per week on Pinterest than I do on Facebook. You'd think with that level of passion that I would live in a house worthy of being featured on a lifestyle blog. Sadly, I am the sort of person who turns DIY into DI-oh my. I'm addicted to thrift stores. Every time I see a blog post that features a "simple" tutorial to refinish an old dresser or turn a picture frame into an inspiration board, I'm able to convince myself that the most recent battered piece of furniture to catch my eye is a worthwhile investment. That's how I ended up buying one of the ugliest chairs I've ever seen. The price was right and I had so many hopes for that chair.…show more content…
Unlike drywall or plaster, it has real character, and it is possible to decorate with color and form in eye-catching new ways. Do not make the mistake of trying to cover interior stone walls. Instead, try these creative ways to enhance their natural beauty. Use these creative ways to decorate interior stone walls, and add to the old-fashioned charm of the space. Use Open Shelving to Let the Stone Show Through Beautiful interior stone walls should not be hidden away. Use open shelving instead of something with a full back when striving to beautifully decorate interior stone walls. This includes kitchen shelves, living room shelves and more. The beauty of the rock will show through behind anything used to decorate or furnish the home. Decorate with Floral Arrangements and Old Crocks When looking for new ways to decorate interior stone walls, go with the style of the stone instead of modernizing the space in unnatural ways. Opt for natural floral arrangements, and instead of modernizing the space with something new, choose old crocks instead of vases. They are available in many different sizes, and they can be used to decorate with real or faux floral arrangements. Decorate above a doorway with dried fragrant eucalyptus and flower swags, and place crocks filled with fresh or artificial arrangements on a desk, countertop or table…show more content…
I didn't realize that it would be so hard to paint a wall. There are many things I did wrong that could have been avoided. Realizing my mistakes and fixing them made the job that much easier. Be Prepared: Being prepared is an important step to making sure you do the job right. I wasn't prepared when I started. I had the paint, the brushes, the rollers and the paint tray. What I didn't have was painters tape, plastic and enough paint. Painters tape is important to have. When I was painting, I figured that I could be careful enough to not get paint on anything that I didn't want to paint. Boy was I wrong. No matter how hard I tried to not get paint on something I didn't want painted, I ended up getting paint on it. Painters tape is a must-have no matter how perfect you think you are. Plastic is needed if you do not want paint to end up on your floor. Again, I figured that I could be careful enough to not get it on the floor. Nope, I got paint on the floor by accidentally kicking over the paint tray. If you're clumsy, use plastic to cover the floors. Even if you're not clumsy, you never know what might happen. Having enough paint keeps you from having to go out and buy more. I had a small portion of a wall that I wanted to paint a different color of the rest of the wall as an accent. I thought that I could get by with just using a small can of paint that color. Yet again I was wrong. I ended up not having enough paint.
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