Stonehenge And Most Common Myths Of Stonehenge

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Mustafa Bubshait Dr. Sandra Karnes ENL 111 – 23 13 October 2014 Stonehenge Nothing in the life was built for nothing. Everything has a reason. The same apply for Stonehenge, pyramids, and many other ancients’ structures. Stonehenge is one of the oldest unsolved mysteries in the world. The ancient stone is located in Wiltshire, England. English Heritage organization is the responsible for looking after the monuments included with the Stonehenge. People always ask how come a monument was built before 3000 B.C. with naked hands. In this paper, the history of Stonehenge and most common myths of Stonehenge will be discussed in brief lines. Then, what the author thinks Stonehenge was built for would be discussed. Stonehenge history is one of the unsolved mystery by itself because the size of the stones. 3000 B.C. was a rough age that’s the people didn’t had the technology to carry these rocks. Researchers found that the gigantic stone used to build Stonehenge were brought from different area. The assumption is that the stones were carried and brought from somewhere else not close. Stonehenge was evolved and expanded in multi stages. It has gone under modification era after era. The builders aren’t known. In fact, the purpose or the theory behind Stonehenge is another puzzle hasn’t been solved yet. Since the age of the Stonehenge is beyond imagination, people came up with many myths about Stonehenge. Stonehenge may be built as an astronomical calendar. The way that the stones

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