Stones river battlefield Essay

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Stones River Battlefield In close proximity to Middle Tennessee State University, lies the Stones River National Battlefield, Where students and others may enjoy exercising, viewing wildlife, or learning about the history behind this amazing place. Many men on both sides of the controversy died at this site. The park is in a beautiful setting that shows respect for the enormous sacrifices made by so many. Many trails have been made to allow visitors to walk through all areas of the battlefield while observing the abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery. An incredible museum depicting life during the Civil War years is the jewel of the battlefield. It is truly a hidden treasure that provides a unique opportunity to view and learn…show more content…
The grisly aftermath of the two day long bloody battle saw 13,249 dead Union soldiers and 10,266 Confederate dead. President Lincoln told Captain Mendenhall that he was thankful for his troops’ “skill, endurance, and honor”. It is chilling to hear the intense battlefield story amidst the incredible beautiful of the battlefield park. Both paved and unpaved trails lead you through the park and offer information about each battle scene. Wildlife watching is best in late November when you can view enormous Whitetail bucks taking to the many fields after does. In early spring you can see big dominant male turkeys fighting over hens. And, of course, the squirrel population of the park appears to be in the millions! Bird watchers beware! You will be amazed at the abundance of song birds! People use the battlefield for all sorts of different purposes. I was privileged to get the story of the battle field from Park Ranger John McCay. He quotes, “That his favorite part of working as a ranger is the education he gets to give to children about the battlefield. Then I had the opportunity to observe the park visitors and to get their perspective. Many visitors take advantage of the trails and walk or ride bikes for exercise. One visitor I spoke with has been coming to the battlefield every day for seven years just to walk her dog! The battlefield rangers and staff offer scheduled hikes throughout the year so
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