Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War

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“Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees.”1 These were some of Stonewall Jackson’s Final words. Jackson was one of the most charismatic and influential Generals to have ever participated in the American Civil War. It was his work ethic, morality, and immense military expertise that gained him his infamous recognition and respect. Just a small overview of his life will clearly explain how Stonewall Jackson earned his merit as being one of the most outstanding Civil War generals that this country has ever seen.
Stonewall began his career as an Army officer as a second lieutenant serving in an artillery regiment for the Mexican-American War from 1846-1848. During this time, Stonewall earned two field [brevet] promotions and a regular Army promotion to first lieutenant.2 It was also in Mexico that Stonewall first met Robert E. Lee, future commander of the Confederate Army. During the war, Stonewall displayed incredible strength of character by refusing to obey what he correctly identified as a “bad order.”2 In other events, he demonstrated his prowess in the strategic mind of the battlefield and earned another field promotion to Major. After the war, Army Commander Winfield Scott recognized Stonewall for earning more field promotions than any other officer throughout the Mexican-American War.3
In 1851, Stonewall was offered a teaching position at the newly opened Virginia Military Institute. Stonewall accepted the offer, and taught Natural and

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