Stonewall Jackson And The Confederate Army

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Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Stonewall Jackson, a general for the Confederate Army died in 1863 due to complications from a gunshot wound (“Thomas”). Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was a general for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Jackson was most commonly known for his strategy and his men who were very skilled. Despite all of this Jackson was a brilliant tactician and a master at commanding his troops, which is why he is regarded as one of the best generals of the Civil War. As a young child Jackson was orphaned and sent to live with relatives. Later on he went to the Virginia Military Institute and studied artillery (“Thomas”). From there Jackson was commissioned in Winfield Scott’s army and served in the Mexican War, serving with distinction ( “Thomas”). According to Bruce Tap, Jackson was married twice in his lifetime, his first wife was Mary Jackson while his second wife was Elinor Jackson. During the course of his life Jackson has no kids. During his military as well as academic career, Jackson had many successes one of which was becoming a professor of artillery at Virginia Military Institute (Davis). Also Jackson commanded an army of roughly 17,000 men at the Battle of Bull Run and defended and defeated an army of almost 70,000 men (Davis). Jackson’s nickname “Stonewall” came from a battle where he and his army repelled and advancing Union force of men. The way he managed this was just setting up his soldiers in a “Strong line” (Lanning). Because of these

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