Stonewall Jackson: Embodying The American Dream 10261999

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Stonewall Jackson: Embodying the American Dream 10261999 1
Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson once said, “You may be whatever you resolve to be,” ( Editors). Many of the greatest men throughout history, including Stonewall Jackson, came from small beginnings, yet with perseverance, achieved their wildest dreams. Furthermore, many of these men were inspirational figures to others during his or her time; alike how Stonewall Jackson was idolized by many southerners due to being born with a family facing an uphill battle against death and poverty, but overpowered all odds and became a triumphant military general. However, Jackson was not only a successful general but also taught a variety of sciences and artillery tactics at VMI and
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Also, he did not allow others to prevent him from becoming an influential man of his time. For instance, Jackson was poorly educated due to his deprived upbringing, so when he attended the military institute, West Point that was based in New York, he was portrayed as a lesser man than the other cadets and was often heckled by other students since he was much older and his lack of schooling, but with determination, he graduated 17th in his class ( Editors). Without a doubt, Jackson would not have been such a compassionate, powerful man without having to battle his own adversities, so, if Jackson was born into a privileged family, he most likely would not have such endurance for problems that he would face on the battlefield nor benevolence for the common man, which created the bond between him and his men. Additionally, it would be unlikely for him to be as successful in the military without the personality he developed throughout his youth since he would not compose the relationship with his men due to lack of similarities and he would almost certainly not be as determined to become the greatest he can be for his men. Nonetheless, the challenges he faced at an early age caused him to only become tougher and provided him the ambition to achieve anything that he put his mind to. Next, Stonewall Jackson was a compassionate man who felt as if it
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