Stonewall Jackson the Great U.S. Military Figure Essay

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Although some people believe that Thomas Jackson was negatively affected by growing up with his bachelor uncle Cummins Jackson, this unusual background ultimately made Stonewall Jackson the great U.S. military figure he is today. Cummins Jackson had a strong work ethic, which was pushed onto a young Stonewall Jackson. Stonewall Jackson's father died when Jackson was very young, leaving Jackson without a father figure the mold him into a respectable man.
Jean Fritz tells a compelling story of Thomas Stonewall Jackson. She describes the humble beginnings of this great military figure. The reader gets a sense of the passions and feelings of General Jackson. Not only is Stonewall Jackson reflected on as a military leader, he is also
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Stonewall and his troops stood their ground and fought furiously pushing the Union troops into a quick retreat. Union troops with such surprise and heavy casualties fled as fast as they could back to the general direction of Washington ultimately giving a slight victory to the Confederates. Stonewall’s dominance was most prevalent in this battle showing his tough roots as a well disciplined renowned military leader that he was. I believe that this is one of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s greatest battles of all, one for the reason in which he received his name and, two, for which his true character shows.
Stonewall's father died when Stonewall was very young, leaving him without a father figure to mold him into a respectable man. Not only was Jackson without a father, but he was without any male role model as well. Stonewall was left to live under his mother as a middle child between two sibling sisters. Growing up with only a mother and two sisters would have left the chances of young Thomas to be a great military leader someday very slim. This is where Cummins Jackson comes into play. After the death of Thomas Jackson's father, Thomas's mother sent Thomas to his uncle Cummins Jackson. She did this because she was too poor to support three children. She also sent her daughters to live with a different relative. It was under the guidance of Cummins
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