Stonewall : The Riots That Sparked The Gay Revolution

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When you think of gay rights, you probably think of parades and rainbows. The 21st century LGBT movement has become known for its message of equality for all, and other human liberties such as same-sex marriage. This progress has been very important, and has been fought for over 40 years with a lot of blood sweat and tears. But often this fight is overlooked, or dismissed as being unimportant. Gay marriage was just legalized on a national level in June 26 2015. This means that gay people have been able to only marry for 10 months, while marriage has existed between heteroseuxal couples for hundreds and thousands of years- which Is ridiculous. My book, Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution, by David Carter offers a detailed explanation of what helped cause all of this progress to be made. Everything starts somewhere, and Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution offers an excellent description of where the LGBT movement originated. Overall, I would say that Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution book offers a very realistic account of this time period, the riots itself, and even a detailed realistic description of the street it was on. Overall I am aware of the hardships that the LGBT community faced, and the book seemed to blow me away with its descriptive accounts. At first I felt that the book was practically regurgitating out information, but as I kept reading I learned so much interesting information that I did not even know. An
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