Stonyfield Farms: Overview

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STONYFIELD FARMSORGANIC ALL NATURAL YOGURT Stonyfield Farms Overview Started in 1983 in New Hampshire as a farming school teaching sustainable practices 1988 changed gears and moved to yogurt with idea of supporting family farms Mission: Healthy Food, Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Business STONYFIELD FARMS - Stakeholders Local Farmers Employees Owners/Managers Stockholders Distributors Grocery Stores and Markets Consumers Danone Yogurt (85% owner) Consumer v Shareholder Consumer wants price as low as possible Consumer wants quality as high as possible Consumer wants variety and new flavors Consumer wants sales, coupons, and cost-effective promotions Shareholders need profit to survive Shareholders need costs to be controlled Shareholders need market share growth Shareholders expect and ROI, even with sustainable practices Suppliers v shareholder Suppliers have invested in organic production and are committed to providing a unique service Sustainable practices are not inexpensive; there are investments in feed, livestock, vet bills, labor and time The commitment to producing organic goes beyond the boardroom and requires a multi-generation group of suppliers Shareholders look at the cost of the product, which is tied to the costs of good that go into the product. Shareholders prefer that the costs from the suppliers be as low as possible, difficult as prices rise based on organic and sustainable operations. Shareholders also must

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