‘Stop! No Drugs! Avoid Bad Guys And Companies! Don’T Do

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‘Stop! No drugs! Avoid bad guys and companies! Don’t do drugs, if you have a problem better ask me!’- Such known phrases, told by parents to their children. But do they really see the problem? What causes it brings? The term drug, originally, means “medicine”, however, nowadays it means fatal narcotics such as cocaine heroine, marijuana and many others. Thousands of youngsters and adults dying yearly is case of drug abuse. Many teens nowadays try tobacco, alcohol and drugs just for once or only a few times and stop, but some teens can’t control their urges or cravings, what may occurs a substance abuse, which is really huge problem in today’s society. More than half of drug users are under the age of 18 and experimentation plays one of the…show more content…
According to NCADD (national council on alcoholism and drug dependence Inc.), more than twenty three million people over the age of 12 are addicted to alcohol and other drugs, what in other way affects millions of other people – family, friends and neighbors. Some researches made by NCADD described how drugs and alcohol affects unformed brain (brain of person under twenty one years), for example young people before age of fifteen are five times more likely to develop alcohol abuse than people who first used alcohol at the age of twenty one or older, for drug addiction research showed similar results. Substance abuse may cause serious problems such a loss of friends/communication, poor schoolwork and troubles with law. Alcohol and drug abuse is leading cause of teen death by suicide, or car crashes, violence and drowning. It also may cause the risk of pregnancy among teenagers and grow of sexually transmitted infections, included HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), because of unprotected sex. Most of sold drugs are made in home labs, what make them in times more dangerous, because they may contain dangerous chemicals, bacteria and other unsafe substances. There are also many identified signs, which would help parents, friends or people around, recognize if your family member, friend or even your second half uses drugs. Some common things of teen drug abuse include: bloodshot eyes, bad grades, missing curfew, frequent hunger, loss of interest in activities etc.

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